Working with Others

The Lorenzini Foundation is committed to continuing to innovate and expand its activities, as disseminator and facilitator of the evidence-based culture, globally. It will continue to collaborate with the Scientific and Medical communities – and now expands its activities to work with other organizations across related industries, in promoting Health Literacy and Translational Medicine for the benefit of the individual, and communities, across regions.


  • Recommendations

  • Benchmarking

  • Coordination and design of projects

Content Development & Publishing

  • Creation, development and implementation of working groups for the purpose of delivering content to multi-media, websites, books, scientific journals, and journals

Interdisciplinary & International Panels

  • Lend independence and in-depth global knowledge and perspective on specific areas

  • Search and vet experts globally in the scientific and medical communities


We are interested in collaborative partnerships that will foster and promote society-wide Health Literacy for the individual.

We seek to become involved with organizations that are committed to the health and wellbeing of the individual, which translates to the prevention of disease and healthy aging. Through its established work, the Lorenzini Foundation has worked and continues to work with the scientists and clinicians involved in these areas.

Please contact us for more information.

Community / Country Campaigns

  • Respond to a public health need within the community, region, or country

  • Develop, organize and implement multi-pronged programs to reach out to the medical community, public institutions and the individual (lay public)

Bespoke Projects

Interested in areas in which the Lorenzini Foundation is active, but your particular project is not covered in the above summary?

Please contact us for more details, and we can discuss if support to your organization, project or initiative, can be of benefit. We invite you to join the conversation.