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Through its extensive global network and pool of scientific research and development projects, together with its vast experience, the Lorenzini Foundation translates and links the latest international expertise in the areas of Prevention and Translational Medicine by providing educational activities and coordination of outreach projects intended to help facilitate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary national and international evidence-based findings that will inform the trajectory of Translational Medicine, the Health and Wellbeing Economy, and help shape Health Policy and Individual Health Literacy.

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Convegno su “La salute si impara da piccoli”

Bologna, 8 Settembre 2018 ore 16:00

Pubblicazione ebook "La salute si impara da piccoli. Corretti stili di vita per #CrescereInSalute" con l’intervento del prof. Sergio Pecorelli (Presidente, Giovanni Lorenzini Medical Foundation, New York, USA). Per scaricare la Pubblicazione linkarsi a:

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